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Healthy EMF Project

Investigating how EM Fields can positively affect our wellbeing

Although the bulk of my work is to do with holistic counselling and trauma therapy, there is a little known area of healthcare that is catching my attention, which I wish to investigate - the benefits of electromagnetic fields (EMF's) which claim to support our physical and emotional wellbeing.

I have seen a handful of clients over the years who have struggled with health issues following exposure to 'unhealthy' EMF's such as microwave radiation from smart meters, and close proximity to 5G towers. It is not easy, however, to investigate this with true objectivity.

What, then, if we shifted our focus to look at the potential benefits of spending periods of time in healthy fields in a controlled way? 

By collecting data related to common physical and mental health symptoms before and after spending measured amounts of time in such a field, we should be able to determine if healthy field exposure could  be considered a complementary treatment worth pursuing.  I feel this is an important question for those of us whose quality of life is affected by symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety who fail to respond to conventional treatments such as medication, psychological and physical therapies.

One such field, which will be the subject of this investigation, is created by the Energy Enhancement System - EESystem for short. It consists of precisely aligned EMF generators which create a potent field of scalar waves and other frequency signals similar to those found in the natural world.  The potential healing benefits that occur from spending time in this field has already been subject to significant amount of research and clinical experience over the past 20 years, and this research has also demonstrated a remarkable safety profile with adverse reactions almost non-existent. It is important to mention that immersion in the EESystem field appears to have far greater health benefits than simply spending time in nature or away from EMF sources we are exposed to every day.  

I would love to be in a position where I could recommend such a treatment to my patients as well as other health professionals. However, I am not completely sure given the lack of high quality data available, and therefore I am reaching out to people who are open to spending some time in one of the EESystems (at their own expense) to share their experience by filling out some formal assessment questionnaires.

I am especially keen to investigate the response of chronic pain, fatigue, depression or anxiety symptoms that have not fully responded to conventional treatments. However, anyone is welcome to participate by simply filling out this form prior to a block of sessions in a 24-Unit EESystem, and then filling out follow-up forms to track progress of these symptoms after 10, 20, 40 and 80 hours in the System. There will also be a 6 month follow-up questionnaire. 

The data collected from this informal trial will hopefully be published and made available to people who are interested in 'Healthy Fields' as a complementary therapy. It is hoped that we can replicate some of the results from this pilot study across multiple EESystem centers spanning multiple locations across Australia. It is my sincere hope that collecting such data will become a bridge to building awareness of this form of therapy in both mainstream and alternative medical circles.

Note however that we are not making any medical claims about the use of this system for specific medical conditions, but are merely investigating its ability to assist with symptom relief - as a complementary therapy - alongside standard medical care.

Here are links to the EESystems (all 24 Units) in the south east Queensland area:

- Aussie Quantum Healing Centre  - Tanawha QLD

- Quantum Healing Noosa  -  Noosa QLD

- Vibrational Energy Alliance  - Caboolture QLD

- Scalar Lounge  - Brisbane QLD

You are also welcome to participate if you are attending another Australian Centre. However, note that we can only collect formal data from 24-Unit Systems.

All you need to do if you are interested in participating is fill out this intake questionnaire, and return to this web page to find a link to the follow-up forms when you have completed 10, 20, 40 or 80 hours in an EESystem of your choice. Note if you have spent a much shorter time in the System e.g. 4 hours and noted a significant change in symptoms, it is ok to fill out the follow-up form early.  This links will be available soon.


If you have an further questions or specific concerns, you are welcome to book an appointment with Dr Adrian.

With sincere thanks,

Dr Adrian Hekel

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