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Personal Profile

I graduated from Flinders Medical School in South Australia in 2005. I pursued degrees in science and teaching, which included two years immersed in neuroscience research at the University of Queensland. I worked in various hospitals and clinics in Adelaide, Melbourne and Coffs Harbour.

I have since been offering a counselling-focussed integrative practice in Coffs Harbour, and am now embarking on a new chapter with the launch of Meditation & Trauma Coaching Service.

With a Passion to uncover more about health and healing than was offered by the standard curriculum I have  pursued courses in nutritional medicine, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, eye movement trauma therapy (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and most recently Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM). 


I have also explored a rich Inner Life through Meditation, having once lived with a Tibetan Lama for three years, helping write and edit a book called A Happier Life.


For over 15 years I have  passionately explored the Meditation Tradition under a variety of traditional and secular teachers, though the greatest connection with a heart-centred nature-based system known as Kalachakra - as taught by my root teacher Khentrul Rinpoche. My other teachers have included: Dr Pee Tek Chan, B Prior, Namkai Norbu, Jacob Leschly, Dr Graham Williams, Ajahn Kalyano, Kelly Blaser and Jaqueline Hobbs.


I have also spent time in monasteries and written a short novel about philosophy, called 'The Heart of The World'.


The focus of my work has gradually shifted from information to transformation - to discovering how to ‘meet people’ at deeper and more effective levels in my day to day work.

I foresee a future medicine where primary health practitioners will address spiritual and trauma healing needs in parallel with diagnosing and treating medical conditions with the best available evidence. 

I now live in a town called Bellingen on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, passionate about walking a path of service and awakening amidst daily life.

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