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One on One Sessions

I  bring to these New Wave sessions over ten years of experience working as a GP with a counselling focus, including seven years working with cutting-edge trauma therapies and more recently cognitive therapy. On a personal level, I bring a deep love for the 'Inner Journey' and 'Inner Work', being inspired chiefly by the Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition.

Each session will be guided by a comprehensive assessment and open discussion as to how I can best be of service. I especially enjoy helping people with anxiety, depression and trauma, and I truly believe that most people can make great progress with the right help.  However, I need to be clear that a commitment to regular between-session homework is something I expect from all my clients - even if this might be challenging for some of us - just as regular training is necessary if we wish to run a marathon or taking a full course of antibiotics is needed to treat pneumonia.  


The main modalities I work with include:

Less often, depending on your background, we may incorporate tools from other systems such as:

These sessions may be suitable if:

  • You struggle with anxiety, depression or trauma and are willing to learn how to become your 'own healer'

  • You wish to become more grounded and resilient amidst the challenges of daily life

  • You are seeking guidance to cope more effectively with the daily challenges of work, health and relationships

  • You are completely new to any type of therapy or trauma healing

  • You are seeking help to move past major life challenges or trauma - including generational and collective trauma

  • You are open to working on your Life Traumas in a spiritual context

Sessions are either 1 or 1 1/2 hours long, and will include access to a self-paced online trauma course in order to facilitate deeper understanding of the theory and skills covered during the sessions, as well as other resources as deemed appropriate.


We shall begin a dialogue about your healing journey thus far, and explore how I may be able to help you using the approaches outlined above. You will also be given access to a self-paced online trauma healing course focusing on the CRM model which consists of 8 modules, in order to fully prepare you for future sessions or ongoing work. Other modalities such as cognitive work and IFS may also be integrated in the session flow. Homework requirements will be clearly outlined.

Standard price is AUD$120 for a 1 hour session, or $160 for 90 minutes. Sponsor price is $220/hr (to sponsor those who may not be able to afford payment). Reduced fees will be available on request, especially for recurring sessions.  Note this fee will also include free access to an eight module self-paced online course, 'Thriving through Trauma', which is designed to complement the 1 on 1 sessions.


Please contact my receptionist Mary at for initial enquiries, bookings, appointment changes and all other admin queries. If you are keen to proceed, you are welcome to fill out this New Wave Coaching Intake Form. Appointments are generally available Tuesdays to Fridays AEDT, from 9am to 4:30pm. I genuinely look forward to connecting if you feel this service is right for you.

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