Adrian Hekel

Meditation Coach


H.O.P.E. stands for Heal Our Plant Earth.

We all speculate as to how, but for many it just seems too big. If we leave it to the experts to change policies or systems, we wonder if we can trust them and feel helpless because what we can do ourselves seems so miniscule - especially with something so big as the COVID pandemic.

What, then, if we discovered that there is an unseen layer of reality which we can access and heal through the power of meditation, prayer and being fully present with the individual and collective trauma which underlies so many of our struggles?

H.O.P.E. Awareness Coaching is an offering which will take you on an experiential journey to learn, share and meditate together with like-minded people, and then be supported to heal both personal and collective trauma. It reflects my deep passion to weave together trauma healing and spirituality, which are both essential keys to health and wellbeing.  This service is offered as one to one coaching sessions, weekly Monday meditation meetings and monthly group gatherings

H.O.P.E. Coaching draws on classical Buddhist meditation teachings compiled in a unique online course - An Authentic Guide to Meditation - for which I have had the privilege of providing guided meditations.  It also draws on the 'inner technology' of modern psychology - especially trauma healing methods - and spirituality through the lens of a heart-centred, nature-based framework known as Kalachakra. This speaks of the dynamic interplay between the outer reality of the universe, the inner experiential reality of our body, and the reality of our fundamental enlightened potential - our 'Fundamental Goodness'. This framework also gives us hope that our world can unite and rapidly transform for the better. 


I sincerely pray that the H.O.P.E Program will be one small step in igniting the flame of Spiritual Activism - the possibility of a wider community of people who feel the call to be Response Able - able to respond not only to personal challenges but to wider global challenges in the spirit of compassionate warriors, both on the inner and outer levels.