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Healing from Trauma and Toxins - A Radical New Approach

Not long after I finished medical school, it slowly dawned upon me that there were many layers to health and healing that weren't really covered by our curriculum. One of these layers was trauma. The other was toxins - the sum total of what we are exposed to in the form of pesticides, heavy metals, mould, chemicals and harmful radiation.

I vividly recall one of my early GP placements in a small rural town in South Australia called Minlaton, where I encountered my first true 'heart sink' patient - a term we use in medical training for someone who makes your heart sink when they turn up in your waiting room.

A beautiful man in his 60's who I'll call Reg, he suffered from conditions which affected just about every system in his body - his lungs, heart, joints, skin, bones and most notably his brain - which manifested as crippling depression which failed to respond to even the most intensive treatments. His life was an incessant merry-go-round visiting specialist after specialist with no real progress and a quality of life that was simply dismal. I couldn't help but notice that Reg's mouth was riddled with mercury fillings, and that he had toiled for many years as a farmer with all sorts of pesticide exposures prior to the demise of his health.

My experience seeing Reg again and again, week in week out, patching up all kinds of niggling complaints yet achieving no real progress, is what first inspired me to dive deeply into exploring the hidden causes of chronic ill health. This led to a love affair with Functional Medicine - also known as Nutritional and Environmental Medicine - as I found myself attending all kinds of courses, workshops and outreach clinics organised by a small group of renegade Aussie doctors known as ACNEM. They earnestly and courageously sought to discover what works for all those folks like Reg who fell through the cracks of the mainstream 'evidenced-based' medical system.

Yet after a few years passionately embracing this field, my love affair ended as I discovered through first hand experience that most people who really needed this approach couldn't afford all the extra testing and treatments, and even then it was questionable as to whether they really did improve. Further, there were many different ideas as to what really works which often conflicted with each other - should we follow a keto or plant-based diet? How should we get rid of toxins like mercury or lead when so many approaches make people feel worse? Is fasting helpful or counter-productive?

I also struggled with many of these questions myself. As a child I was addicted to sugar and my mouth soon filled up with over fifteen mercury amalgam fillings. When I landed in a period of major chronic fatigue in my early thirties, there was no question that mercury and mould were both part of the picture, yet I also found myself on a merry-go-round of alternative health practitioners trying all kinds of detox protocols that never really made any difference once my teeth has been cleaned up.

A deeper reflection steered me more towards the path of psychology and trauma healing - which I found in practice led to much more of a tangible benefit in the lives of my patients, and also in my own life. Yet I now realise this led me to draw an imaginary line on the sand, where on one side trauma work and spirituality were all people needed, and on the other side there was a cluster of people who genuinely needed help clearing toxins along with other functional medicine approaches.

This division was reinforced by much of the learning I had received. My trauma mentors would claim that even stubborn physical ailments - even cancer - could be healed at this level. That the light of conscious awareness that emerges when trauma is cleared could literally change our DNA. Yet the crew of ACNEM doctors - among others - saw things from a completely different lens, often witnessing people's emotional burdens clear up when they were taking the right vitamins and herbs or reduced their toxic load.

This division is even there in spiritual circles. In the Buddhist community I am part of, although we are encouraged to care for our body as a sacred temple, it is seen as more important to see the divine nature in everything - including toxic chemicals or foods if they are offered to us or we can't avoid them. Then there is the notion of our karma lurking in the background as a 'hidden cause' to ill health, which we are called to purify in much the same way as we heal trauma. On the other side of the line is the famed medical medium Anthony William, a gifted medical intuitive who declares that toxic exposures and hidden viruses are the root cause of just about any chronic illness in modern times, and blows out of the water the view that being unwell in somehow our own fault.

What, then, if were didn't make this kind of distinction between trauma and toxins? What if we could find a healing technology that spoke to the raw complexity of what happens in our minds and bodies, and enables us to heal both at the same time?

About six months ago my partner Lea and I came across an extraordinary healing system known as the Energy Enhancement System (EES). It was developed by Dr Sandra Rose Michael - a genius in the field of modern physics, born to parents who were nuclear physicists working on top secret projects. She was also an incredibly gifted healer, renowned for sometimes miraculous results in her chosen modality of Kahuna massage.

Dr Michael embarked on a quest to bring her gift to the world by replicating the 'energy field' created in her healing sessions using computer generated algorithms with precisely installed units and screens that generate bio-active scalar waves - producing a field beyond relative space and time with unique healing properties. This system has now been subject to decades of research, leading the way in the sphere of energy medicine. It has been shown to improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, improve mood and literally energise the body on a cellular level. And all this with virtually no harmful side effects apart from detox reactions.

It does this by dramatically increasing the cell membrane potential - the voltage difference between inside and outside cells - which in turn increases stem cell activity and energy production in every cell of our body. So our body gets recharged and electrified, and all we need to do is sit there and relax for a few hours or perhaps overnight. Although it is by no means a universal panacea, in clinical trials and practice healing miracles can become the norm rather than the exception. Complete healing for a wide range of conditions from Parkinson's disease to kidney failure have been reported after only a handful of sessions in this potent scalar field.

Although the EE System has been around for over forty years, it has only been in the last year that circumstances have favoured the widespread dissemination of this technology. In the past few months there have been around ten new centres popping up around Australia, and Lea and I were delighted to find out that one of these was just down the road from where we were staying for our summer break on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

When I first entered the EES chamber it was like stepping into a spaceship, or portal to another dimension reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. - A lounge with sixteen recliner chairs was surrounded by 24 computer screens just below ceiling level emitting mysterious, colourful yet captivating 'codes' emitting special frequencies.

We spent four hours in the chamber, and most of this was like an extended meditation journey as attention was drawn to those parts of my body that needed tending the most - the scar on my chest, the twitch in my right leg, the foggy feeling behind my eyes... Then, most interestingly, a torrent of memories opened up to around that time when I really struggled with detoxing mercury from my body, as well as another occasion when I felt emotionally derailed after spending several months in a mould-ridden cabin in the forest. It was as if there were loops in my brain short-circuited or damaged by these toxic exposures, which were coming back to life as unresolved traumas waiting to be witnessed and unburdened. The connection between toxic exposures and periods of depression became glaringly apparent, and I felt deeply the tragic reality that we all live on a planet where toxic exposures are so 'normal' that we simply can't conceive of any other way.

Here is some of the experiences Lea shared:

"While in the EES Room a memory of childhood injury returned to me. I was a preschooler and could ride a bike. My parents were preparing me to be independent enough to ride my bike from our farm house to the front gate and catch the bus. My dad was building a shelter to put at the bus stop to park my bike and for me to shelter on rainy days. He was building it from metal and had it in his shed where I was riding my bike around. I misjudged the height and rode into a sheet of metal right at the bridge of my nose. I had to go to hospital and get stitches. I have had a scar at the bridge of my nose for many years that is now faded.

After the memory came a deluge of tingly sensations in this nose area for quiet a while. I also knew in this activation that my neck had been damaged as in this area I also felt a stream of similar sensations.

In the days following the EES session I began to detox. Having lived on a farm I was exposed to a multitude of chemicals used to treat the crops. I adhered to the suggestion to bathe in warm salt water and drink large quantities of water after the session. As well as clearing out physical toxins I experienced a mental detox. It has been a lifelong quest to find a state of wellbeing that is vibrant and energetic. I noticed thoughts that had become impressions deeply held in my psyche that something was wrong with me and that was why I was not able to achieve a level of wellness which allowed me to live fully. These impressions passed though me and out."

And so we both shared the experience that as the toxins were drawn out and released from our bodies, the toxic emotions - or imprints of trauma - which were laid down at the same time were simultaneously released from our psyche.

Flooded with a wave of cellular energy in the EE chamber, the body gets to work doing what it needs to do the most. For most of us, the greatest priority is detox... and this is why people can feel somewhat dizzy, sleepless, foggy or emotionally challenged for a few days following a session as deeply held toxins are mobilised. This is also why it's recommended to drink at least a few litres of water each day, immerse oneself in detox salt baths for a few days after a session and meticulously follow a diet and lifestyle that supports the detox process.

Lea and I were no exception, and it took a couple of days to feel that we had truly benefited from our session and usher in a new found vibrancy of body, mind and spirit. Lea was finally sleeping better than she had in years, and I felt my brain slowly recover from what has been quite a stressful year. I also noticed the longstanding twitch in my right leg had vanished!

Inspired by our experience with this technology, it is now our vision to set up an EE System healing space somewhere near Bellingen. I now have the confidence to recommend EES sessions to anyone struggling with any health issue whatsoever, and have a strong sense that this is truly the future of medicine and perhaps the most single powerful antidote to the hidden double T pandemic of toxins and trauma. A worldwide database of centers - including those upcoming in Australia - can be found here.

My hope is that this most awe-inspiring level of healing - which so many of us are desperately seeking - will become available for people just like Reg, and that this movement will help transform the soup of toxins and trauma in which we now dwell, into a field where love, connection and abundance can reign supreme. May this help us move beyond mere survival and reclaim our birthright to good health and true prosperity.


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