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Thriving Through Trauma


This course will empower you to heal trauma using the wisdom of the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM for short) - a powerful healing system developed by Lisa Schwarz which combines ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience to heal the multidimensional roots of trauma. We now know that trauma - much of which we may not be consciously aware of - underlies a variety of mental and also physical health conditions. You may have an inkling that this may be true, yet lack the guidance to safely peel back the layers hidden in the deep recesses of your subconscious mind. You may regard trauma as a private matter and simply not be drawn to working with a therapist, yet still be curious about what you can do to free yourself from this burden. Or perhaps you are already on a trauma healing or spiritual journey yet have failed to find something that really works. If so, then this CRM course is for you! The course content will flow over eight sessions, which you can access over an eight week block or at your own pace. Each session will include a video presentation with a slide deck and up to two guided audio practices. Themes for each session are as follows: 1. CRM Trauma Healing & the Science behind it 2. Attunement & Sacred Place 3. Breath as a Resource 4. Using Grids to feel Embodied, Safe & Grounded 5. Attachment Resources 6. Transforming Distress into a Resource 7. Unveiling the Core of who You Really Are 8. Overcoming Blocks to Healing

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