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One on One Sessions

I bring to these sessions over twelve years of experience working as a GP with a counselling focus, including eight years working with cutting-edge trauma therapies and more recent training in advanced cognitive therapy skills. On a personal level, I bring a deep love for the 'Inner Journey' and 'Inner Work', being inspired chiefly by the Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition.

Each session will be guided by an open discussion as to how I can best be of service. I use a mixture of modalities including:

These sessions may be suitable if:

  • You identify as struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, addictions or relationship problems

  • You struggle with any physical health condition and you wish to explore if your symptoms have an emotional component or are looking for healing on a deeper cognitive, emotional and spiritual level.

  • You are seeking help to move past major life challenges or trauma - including generational and collective trauma

  • You are seeking guidance to cope more effectively with the daily challenges of work, health and relationships

Sessions are either 1 or 1 1/2 hours long, and may include access to a self-paced online trauma course or other online resources to facilitate deeper understanding of the theory and skills covered during the sessions.


We shall begin a dialogue about your current struggles and healing journey thus far, and explore how I may be able to help you using any of the above healing modalities. We may also delve into lifestyle, nutritional or environmental factors, as well as supplement or medication options if these are relevant. 


Please contact my receptionist Mary at for initial enquiries, bookings, appointment changes and all other admin queries. Fee information can be found here. I genuinely look forward to connecting if you feel this service is right for you.

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