One on One Sessions

I bring to these sessions eight years of experience working as a GP with a counselling focus, including five years working with cutting-edge trauma therapies, and immersion in the Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition. On a personal level, I bring a deep love for the 'Inner Journey' and 'Inner Work' and almost 20 years of meditation experience.

Each session will be guided by your communications to me on your Intake Form - if you choose to fill this out - and an open discussion as to how I can best be of service. I use a mixture of modalities including:

These sessions may be suitable if:

  • You wish to become more grounded and resilient amidst the challenges of daily life

  • You are completely new to trauma healing or meditation

  • You are seeking help to move past major life challenges or trauma - including generational and collective trauma

  • You feel stuck in your life, or in your meditation practice

  • You are willing to work on your Life Traumas in a sacred spiritual context

  • You have a deep connection to your Inner Life and a passion for exploring life's Big Questions

  • You are seeking guidance to integrate your highest inner truth with the daily challenges of work, health and relationships

I warmly welcome you to click on the link below and book an introductory session. Note currently these sessions are only available on Saturday afternoons. Note also that this offering is outside the medicare system, so rebates do not apply.