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Adrian Hekel

Meditation Coach


Dr Adrian Hekel is a Meditation Coach in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales Australia.


He is also a GP-counsellor, author, acupuncturist and trauma therapist. 


With eight years of experience in General Practice, Adrian became passionate about addressing the hidden epidemic of emotional trauma and social disconnection which so often lies at the root of chronic ill health. He has therefore devoted himself to learning effective therapies, building conscious community and bridging medicine and spirituality. He foresees a future medicine where primary health practitioners will address these grass roots needs in parallel with diagnosing and treating medical conditions with the best available evidence. He therefore hopes to inspire other health professionals to embrace trauma-informed care and learn how recovery is possible.

 He encourages anyone affected by trauma to look carefully at the content and resources of this website, which is crafted to assist you on your healing journey.


Dr Adrian graduated from Flinders Medical School in South Australia in 2005. Before then he pursued degrees in science and teaching, which included two years immersed in neuroscience research at the University of Queensland. He has worked in various hospitals and clinics in Adelaide, Melbourne and northern New South Wales, before settling as a GP in Coffs Harbour, working for the eight years in an Integrative Clinic called Northside Health and more recently at Park Beach Family Practice.  He has now offering a counselling-focussed integrative practice at The Health Hub in Coffs Harbour.

Passionate to uncover more about health and healing than was offered by the standard curriculum, he has pursued courses in nutritional medicine, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, eye movement trauma therapy (EMDR), Internal Family Systems (IFS) and most recently Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM).  He has also richly explored the Inner Life and Meditation Tradition, having once lived with a Tibetan Lama for three years, helping write and edit a book called A Happier Life. He has also spent time in monasteries, written a short novel about philosophy, and attended regular retreats with GP Counsellor and mentor Dr Pee Tek Chan. He has seen the focus of his work gradually shift from information to transformation - to discovering how to ‘meet people’ at deeper and more effective levels in his day to day work.


He now lives with his partner and son in the beautiful Boambee Valley near Coffs Harbour, passionate about walking a path of service and awakening amidst daily life.