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Dr Adrian Hekel

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With over ten years of experience as a doctor in General Practice on the east coast of Australia, I became passionate about mental health as I came to appreciate how so many of us suffer in silence with conditions like depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  I realized how almost all of us - myself included - struggle with emotional well-being at some time or another, and that it can be challenging to get appropriate help which offers any chance of a real long term solution. This has evolved over time into my unique GP-Psychology Service.


I enjoy helping people with powerful mind and body-based methods which can achieve definite, sometimes dramatic improvement in symptoms over a short period of time. And I love sharing tools which can then help sustain real and lasting change.  However, this is very different from simply talking about what is going on, so I have to be upfront that my approach isn't for everyone as it does entail a commitment to regular homework between sessions and precise monitoring of your progress.  

Yet if you are willing to commit to this approach and work towards becoming your own healer, you may be surprised that even stubborn, entrenched symptoms or patterns leading to emotional distress can well and truly be turned around. 

My approach chiefly embraces what I believe to be two highly effective therapy approaches. First there is TEAM-CBT, a new wave of therapy which can help us rapidly turn around self-defeating beliefs which lie at the root of emotional conflict, especially depression and anxiety.  Then there is the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) - a new wave of trauma therapy which blends ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience to heal the multi-dimensional roots of trauma. 

I have recently relocated to Banyo Clinic, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane Australia. I will be available to see new clients face to face here (with medicare rebate available), as well as new clients willing to connect with my online Trauma Coaching Service.  I also encourage anyone who is affected by trauma or other mental health challenges to look carefully at the content and resources on this website, which is crafted to assist you on your healing journey.

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