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 Adrian Hekel

Trauma & Meditation Coach

Meditation & Trauma Coach

GP Counselor 

 Trauma Specialist 

• Author 

I first discovered meditation twenty years ago after stumbling across a local Tibetan monastery and signing up for a meditation course, and I knew I really gelled with sitting down to meditate and exploring life's deeper questions.


Yet after many years, it dawned upon me that I was mostly using meditation as an escape or way of 'spiritual bypassing', and when I really got to know the people I served through my medical practice I realized that for most people - myself included - healing trauma was actually more important than learning to meditate.  This inspired me to learn all I possibly could about the connection between trauma and health and also train in the latest trauma therapies, so transforming my GP practice into a trauma healing space. 

With over eight years of experience in General Practice, I also became passionate about addressing the hidden epidemic of emotional trauma and social disconnection which so often lies at the root of chronic ill health. I have therefore devoted myself to building conscious community and bridging medicine and spirituality.

I have been seeing new clients willing to connect with my online Trauma & Meditation Coaching Service, which is a natural expression of my calling to embrace the two streams of trauma healing and spirituality side by side. If you are called to learn or practice meditation with like-minded companions, or are simply seeking support during this time of great change on our planet, I invite you to be part of the courses and events I am offering, both in-person and online on Monday evening. Please note, however, that there is currently a pause on these programs while I work at producing and online course and a new book: Complete Healing - A Practical Guide to Discovering Lasting Wellness.

I also encourage anyone who is affected by trauma - or curious about the synthesis of trauma healing and spirituality - to look carefully at the content and resources on this website, which is crafted to assist you on your healing journey.

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